Hol Food

Temporary Shipping Notice

Dear Hol Food customers,

Several months ago we sent out an email that laid out our desire to not increase prices. Many large companies in our country have taken advantage of the high inflationary environment that we now find ourselves in and have used it as an opportunity to engage in profiteering. As an independent Canadian business, we have no desire to engage in this as we know how vitally important Hol Food is to so many of our customers.

In fact, as we described previously, we have been hit with exorbitantly increased prices ourselves in everything from our ingredients to our packaging to the price to manufacture our products. Up until now, we made the choice to absorb these costs so we could keep both the price and quality of Hol Food the same.

However, our primary shipping partner Canada Post has continued to increase the price to ship our packages to you. This has resulted in the price of shipping a single tub of Hol Food across Canada increasing in some cases by over $20. These are prices that we unfortunately can no longer absorb while continuing to maintain the same quality product that we all know and love.

So, we have decided to institute a temporary change to our shipping policy that is both as small as possible and as transparent as possible. Effective immediately, orders of Hol Food will be charged a $4.99 flat rate for shipping anywhere within Canada. In most cases, this charge is actually smaller than the charge we incur as a result of the Canada Post surcharge, and we have worked to make this as little as possible.

Please understand also that the Canada Post surcharge is a temporary measure that they have instituted to counteract the increased price of fuel on their end. We will be continuously monitoring this charge and will ensure that any reductions in the surcharge are reflected in the temporary shipping fee.

Please know that this decision was not at all taken lightly and we deeply appreciate your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at contact@holfood.com. We will be happy to help in any way we can.


The Hol Food Team