Hol Food

Our Story

Hol Food started as a passion project.

While a student at the University of Toronto, co-founder James Juras wrote a thesis project. The idea was that if the body could be provided with all the nutrients it needs, it would perform better on a daily basis.

He put it to the test.

To test his theory, James decided he would live on the very first version of Hol Food for several months. Miraculously, at the end of the test period he hadn't died, and in fact he'd never felt better! His energy was increased and more consistent, and he lost over 20 pounds.

Hol Food was born.

James had never intended to sell his new concoction, but more and more friends started to ask about his "drink" and whether they could give it a try. So in the summer of 2015, he decided to start selling small batches and the rest, as they say, is history.

Better than ever.

In the 7 years since James made the first version of what would become Hol Food, we've improved at every step and are still working to make sure that it meets the core nutritional and performance goals that were envisioned. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from it as much as we do!