Hol Food

Our Commitment to Not Raise Prices

We believe affordable, high quality food is more important now than ever. That’s why we’re determined to not raise our prices. 

In the past several months, we have received many emails expressing concerns about pricing and fears that inflation may affect the price of Hol Food.

Despite our costs increasing dramatically, with some ingredients even doubling in cost, we have made the decision to not pass these price increases onto our customers while also not making any changes to our ingredients or the size of our packaging. 

We understand that these past two years have been very tough for some, between the turbulence of the covid-19 pandemic and more recently the effects of inflation. We have always strived to make Hol Food a healthy and reliable addition to your lifestyle and want to continue to do so. Our customers make Hol Food what it is and we are so thankful for your support.

We hope that by choosing to not increase our prices while maintaining the exact same high quality, Hol Food can remain a stable part of your routines.

Finally, we ask that if you are a satisfied Hol Food customer, that you please refer us to your friends and family. This would be incredibly helpful for us to continue to absorb price fluctuations without having to increase prices.
Thank you again so much for your support over the years and we hope you have a wonderful day,
The Hol Food Team