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Booster Variety Pack (4x Each Flavour)


Booster Variety Pack (4x Each Flavour)

NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-SALE. All Booster products will be shipping within 8 weeks. Boosters do not contain Hol Food and are meant to be added to Hol Food powder. 

Our Booster Variety Pack consists of 4 of each of our Boosters made from whole food ingredients to add to your Hol Food to make it taste even better!

Each Variety Pack contains:

  • 4 x Mocha Flavour Boosters
  • 4 x Banana Flavour Boosters
  • 4 x Strawberry Flavour Boosters
  • 4 x Matcha Flavour Boosters
  • 4 x Chai Flavour Boosters

Click HERE for ingredients and Nutrition Facts. 

Directions: In a blender or shaker cup mix 1 Booster with 2 scoops of Hol Food Vanilla or Chocolate and 1.5 cups (350 ml) of ice-cold water or milk.