Introducing Hol Food's Ambassador Program!

by Elgin Chau February 16, 2017

Hey Everyone! 

Health is difficult. Here at Hol Food, we've simplified the equation with our nutritionally-complete shakes that make it easy to eat right. Now, we would like to enable you to bring your loved ones along on the journey you started with us. With our Hol Food Ambassador Program it has never been easier to advocate on behalf of good health, all while getting paid to do so.

As an Ambassador, you will be given an exclusive coupon code that you can hand out to friends and family.

Each time someone uses your code:

  • You receive 10% of the sale in cash
  • They receive an immediate 10% discount
  • AND if they subscribe, you receive 15% of their first monthly order and 5% per month thereafter for the entire lifetime of their subscription


To understand how this works, consider Alice -- a 25-year-old Hol Food Ambassador working in marketing.   


Alice has a busy group of friends who struggle with finding healthy food options, especially for breakfast and lunch when they're on the go.

She tells them about Hol Food -- the tasty and convenient meal-replacement she's been drinking for the past 6 months to stay in shape.

Using Alice's coupon code, 10 friends sign up for 2 tubs a month, replacing breakfast burritos and greasy pizza with delicious shakes at a discount.

After a month, they're looking good and feeling great...

While Alice has made herself $240.

Every month after that, Hol Food sends her $80 as a 'Thank You' for spreading the word.

By the end of the year, she has made well over $1,000! More than enough to pay for that trip to Mexico she has always wanted.

All this while helping her friends achieve their health goals!


Start sharing the gift of good health today! Sign up now to be a Hol Food Ambassador.

Elgin Chau
Elgin Chau